Birds “get” me

My husband took this first photo of me in my electric scooter with all of my loot in it! I have to carry ice packs because with my muscle disease if I get overheated it can be life threatening. Then I have an SPF shirt, which got wet in the rain so I had to shed that. Then my camera bag and my purse and a towel! I’m ready for it all!

Anyway this limpkin I just loved. I was going past him on the boardwalk and stopped and we just looked into each other’s eyes and I thought. ” He totally gets me.” So I took a few photos of him before we got caught in the rain again. In the last photo feeding baby a snail. I took the last two photos. Limpkins were on a steep decline but have made a comeback which I love…on the decline? Don’t count anyone out because we will rise up!!!


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